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Leon Patterson
A California Story

An athlete's tragic odyssey

In 1952, Leon Patterson, a transplant from Arkansas, became the first high school boy to put the 12-pound shot over 60 feet. The next year, he was the nation's leading frosh discus thrower for USC. He was in 1954 an NCAA All-America in the discus, touted as a strong contender for the USA's forthcoming Olympic team. He died the next fall at 22, leaving a young wife and a son. Then fans learned his secret: he had been terminally ill, and had known it, during his period of athletic ascendancy. As one of Leon’s contemporaries and fans, Gerry has been gripped by the Trojan’s story. This is a much researched biography of Leon— a Track and Field legend— and offers homage and perspective. Devil Mountain Books has published this unflinching story of love, determination, dedication and tragedy.
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